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Transfer of Knowledge

The Orange Door Project

Backstory :60 PSA

The Home Depot 2016 Campaign

Knowledge is Power

Intact Insurance

Intact's 2014 online campaign was designed to build brand awareness and acquire new leads through engaging demonstrations of their 30 minute claims service guarantee.


These 15-second ads pre-rolls are skippable for those who don’t feel like waiting and we use that fact to our advantage. After all, waiting less is what our service guarantee is all about. Check out our :15 second and our :30 second versions.


BMO Guaranteed Life TV

Uh oh!
Think you're too young for life insurance? Think again.


Kids have to do their homework, take baths and clean their room, when all they really want to do is play. With Zoomer, kids not only get a lovable puppy of their very own – they finally get to make the rules with a playmate who’s always happy to do whatever they want. And the more love and attention they give Zoomer, the more he gives them back by performing new tricks to make them happy.  

Engage with a 4-step gamified product demo highlighting the kid’s ability to connect with a digital Zoomer independently. Show Zoomer who’s boss! Tell him to dance, shake a paw, pee, roll-over, etc – all to earn digital doggy bone treats.

Rogers True Blood Email

To promote season 6 of True Blood on Rogers, we developed an email with an offer that, much like vampires themselves, expires at sun up.

We used Moveable Ink's technology to create variable emails that appear different based on the time that the receiver opens it.

"Rather than being frozen in time when the marketer hits "send", emails become containers for live content that adapt to when, where, and how recipients open and interact with messages".

Art Directors: Jamie Lirette 
Copywriter: Graham Mutch 
ACDs: Dan Gaede / Trent Thompson
CD: Scotty Pinkney

Rogers Rocket Hub

Winnipeggers love their remote cottages and hi-speed internet, but they’ve never been able to enjoy both at the same time – until now. The Rocket Hub from Rogers is portable internet you can take to the cottage. The problem is nobody knows about it, as Rogers has very little brand/product awareness in Manitoba.

Just before the first long weekend of cottage season – on the very same day local news media announced a record explosion of mosquitos – we sent Winnipeggers a self-mailer wrapped in real mosquito netting, with image of our Rocket Hub portable internet modem and the heading Going to the cottage? Don’t forget to pack the net.

We exceeded the call volume of our previous communication by 200% and our netting piece pulled in an impressive 50% lift over our control piece in market at the exact same time.

Featured in March issue of Directory 30:

Art Directors: Jamie Lirette 
Copywriter: Graham Mutch 
Creative Directors: Trent Thompson / Dan Gaede
ECD: Scott Pinkney

BRONZE 2014 International ECHO Award
BRONZE 2014 CMA Awards - Consumer Services

Rogers Blackberry Enterprise Server 10

BlackBerry recently launched the BlackBerry Q10 (BBQ10) device along with BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 (BES10) which enables businesses to manage a mixed device environment (i.e. BB, iPhone, Android) across a range of security needs (from basic to very high level). To help businesses work with the new service, Rogers provides Rogers Advanced Business Solutions which will guide businesses through the transition to BES10 with Rogers BES10 Rapid Deployment and manage BES10 on an ongoing basis with BES10 Managed Services.

You could do it. But we can do it for you. Rogers is your experienced connected enterprise partner who can help your company deploy BlackBerry 10 and manage BES10 on an ongoing basis.

We developed a package that promised to contain everything you need to transition to BES10. Opening the package revealed a massive, intimidating installation guide. But when you open the guide, you find that it's been hollowed out like a book-safe and the only contents are a business card or your friendly Rogers Small Business representative.

Art Directors: Jamie Lirette 
Copywriter: Graham Mutch 
Creative Directors: Trent Thompson / Dan Gaede
ECD: Scott Pinkney

Mcdonald's Hockey TV

Airing during the hockey playoffs, this spot touched the hearts of Hockey folks and Dads everywhere. The response has been wonderful, inside the ad industry and out.

BMO Found Money

Homeowner Readiline 

Did you know that you can turn your home into more than just a place to live? Use the equity you've built up to get your dream trip to Spain... Or...

Becel OLA

Pay attention to your heart 

Becel is the choice of people who pay attention to their hearts, dramatized here as an attention-grabbing glowing heart in the middle of the page. 

Coca-Cola Freestyle

To generate awareness of the launch of Coca-Cola Freestyle drink machine in Canada and convert awareness into trial, we found incredible, uniquely talented Freestylers and invited them to try the machine while showing off their freestyle skills. The 5 videos were produced on a shoestring budget and drove home the positioning: "Your choice, your taste, your drink - it’s more than the new way to quench your thirst. It’s the refreshing new way to express yourself."

Director: Navin Ramaswaran
Art Directors: Jamie Lirette 
Copywriter: Ren Olivieri 
Creative Directors: Simon Creet

Helix X4 Quadcopter

Insight: The Helix moves like nothing else, pushing the limits of what can be accomplished.

Idea: Showcase the Helix’s uncanny maneuverability and amazing stunts by capturing the unique movements created by a Helix in motion.

This rich OLA includes a remote that enables the user to fly the Helix across the ad, leaving a glowing trail of light. Press the stunt button and chain them together.

Words & Pictures

Words & Pictures is an online comic strip by Graham Mutch and Jamie Lirette about the adventures of a creative team in a large advertising agency. Too stupid to create avatars that would give us plausible deniability, everything in the comic is 100% true — with the notable exception of anything that would make us look bad or get us sued. That stuff's made up. New strips are posted every Monday. You can also join our mailing list to stay on the cutting edge of new-strippery.

Bell Transit DM

Municipal Public Transit operations purchasing officers who are under increasing pressure to improve bus tracking (routing, schedules, and safety) and efficiency. These individuals knowthat they need the kind of solution Bell is offering – they just need to be convinced (as budget is always a limitation in governments) that now is the time.

Yahoo! music monkey

Dance Dance Monkey

This interactive mash-up of music and animation includes a pre-roll commercial that will leave you saying "What the heck is that?" It includes borderline offensive animation poking fun of the top genres of music and allows you to mix and match music into a horrible country/hip-hip/R&B hybrid.

Mobilicity rebrand

TORONTOJuly 18, 2011 /CNW/ - Mobilicity today showed Canadians a whole other side to itself with the announcement of its new brand strategy and the arrival of Spokesaliens.

Premium Plus TV

Complements Soup Perfectly

Premium Plus crackers are the perfect complement to soup. Nothing goes better with soup than Premium Plus. They were made for each other. Because Premium Plus has strong brand recognition, but not much brand personality, we thought we’d create one with this campaign in a very tongue & cheek way. If Premium Plus crackers were people, what would they be like?

Diabetes Smoking banner

In the process of creating a simple banner for the Ontario Ministry of Health Promotions, we came up with a great idea that connects the risks of smoking for diabetic patients. Sadly, it was not chosen, but effective nonetheless.

Audio Transmission Nine - Jamie's band

Audio Transmission Nine, a.k.a. at9, is an electronic-rock duo whose debut album, Whitewash, is as much a soundtrack to a scary movie as it is a cure for suburban boredom.

Durex Savvy Lover

Great sex starts in your head 

Knowledge is power – especially in the bedroom. It’s the confidence that comes from knowing how to please your partner and communicate what you want without embarrassment while still having the foresight to keep your ears perked for the sound of your parents coming home early. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done for most of our target. Questions and insecurities about sexual performance can lead to unnecessary anxiety.

Bell – Radio

The Code of Jack

A National promotion in support of its Jack Daniel's, this contest initiative encouraged consumers to submit suggested rules for life to be included in a "Code of Jack."


World Vision 30 Hour Famine

We asked kids to generate their own content that is about the cause for the purpose of raising money for their Famine. We partnered with MuchMusic and the top 5 fundraisers would get their campaign shown on MuchonDemand. It’s audience AND brand relevant. The content is inspired by the cause.

Coke Olympic Bus Tour

The Move to the Beat Bus Tour travelled across Canada in an authentic London double-decker bus. Each stop featured performances from Canadian musicians, Olympic-themed activities and interactive gaming stations.

Ritz Public Bus TV

Feel at home

Ritz is the snack that brings comfort and warmth - the feeling of being at home. Anywhere.

Canada Post Rooster DM

The Brief
Create awareness and excitement around the creative possibilities of using non-traditional die-cut formats and demonstrate how they can help a business break through the clutter.

The Solution
Send a rooster (well, a die-cut one) nestled among a typical stack of mail. This immediately brings the key message – of breaking through the clutter – to life. Recipients could then request a free sample package, complete with die-cut dos and don’ts.

The Results
Within just three months, the response rate was 7%. This surpassed the client objective by 40% – and all with a limited total production budget of just $50,000.

Bell Virus Decoder

Existing Sympatico Internet subscribers. The goal was to introduce the features of MSN Premium Internet Software and get existing Bell Sympatico members to pay an incremental fee for it each month. The challenge was the lack of awareness of what the new features did. There was potential for confusion since a lot of customers were not tech savvy.

The Solution
Our approach was to pick the most relevant and easily understood feature and lead with that message: online security. With the ever-growing need for protection from viruses and hackers, this innovative piece demonstrates, in an interactive and fun way, how Sympatico with MSN Premium makes it easy to detect otherwise undetectable viruses.

The Results
In just three months, the PQ market alone generated 6092 calls, outperforming the industry average by 511%.

CEA Campaign

We needed to drum up support to change the Electricity Grid infrastructure. The goal quite simply was to have general population answer "yes" when asked in a poll whether public money should be invested in updating our systems. To achieve that, we made people look at the everyday conveniences they take for granted and ask themselves how good they'd be without electricity.

First Home Essentials campaign

Buying your first home can be overwhelming so BMO’s First Home Essentials kit was developed to help take the guesswork out of home ownership.

Following the company’s motto of “making money make sense”, BMO and agency Cossette-Blitz set out to provide first-time homeowners with a kit that includes helpful tips, worksheets to calculate various home purchasing scenarios, access to an online planning tool and more than $1,800 in special offers.

Huntington's Society of Canada

Mr Clean – Bacteria TSA

TSA would be encased in a sealed plexiglass box and seeded with bacteria - certain areas would be treated with anti-bacterial coating. Over the course of a week, the message would gradually be revealed.

Marketing Hall of Legends

Open late!

Would you like fries with that ad? This billboard announcing the new 24-hour drive-thru isn’t just a quick read. It also has a distinctly McDonald’s “flavour”.

Bell Long Distance

This faux cover had never been done before and will never be done again. The paper ended up changing the rules after they were swamped with calls from readers asking if North America was really shrinking.

Bally Rebrand

The crucial role for Bally’s is being a total fitness expert, offering personalized advice and support. They can become their customer’s partner within their journey, by taking accountability for helping people reach their health goals. The key to further entrenching commitment or loyalty to the Bally’s brand is through a personal and emotional connection.

The majority of advertising within the category perpetuates this confusion by communicating contrary notions of “health” and “wellness”, by continuing to reinforce the “buff body” ideal. The average person can’t relate because the success stories are one dimensional and uninspiring because they seem unattainable or are only focused on short-term gain.

Life itself is journey, filled with endless moments where we are continuously faced with making choices. For most of this target, decisions at that critical “should vs will” moment concerning their well-being, will be an ongoing struggle. The tipping point to making the healthy choice will be influenced by many sources and become re-prioritized depending on the situation at that moment. Knowing and accepting this is critical, because the impetus for choosing or investing in your own health, is only within your control. It’s up to you to choose.

McD – Hockey Print


Logo Work

I've done a boatload of logo/branding work over the years. Here are some highlights:

Claritin TV


Director: James Haworth
Art Director: Susie Lee 
Copywriter: Erin Beaupre 
Creative Directors: Jamie Lirette / Graham Mutch 
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